One of the most important services we provide is our excellent assistance in handling claims. While we certainly hope that you do not experience any loss, if the time comes that you need to file a claim, we will assist you every step of the way.

Please read what some of our clients have written about the way we handle claims.


Mr. & Mrs. Tim T., Water Claim
I have said it in the past, but I will repeat it here, your firm (all of the employees I have dealt with to date), are a first-rate organization. I have had nothing but good experiences.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B., Auto Claim
My claim was handled in a timely and very professional manner! Everyone was on top of their game and made several calls to me to check the progress of our claim, etc. Thanks for the great service!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Adam S., Auto Claim
You guys all helped make an otherwise unpleasant experience as painless & easy as possible. Thanks!

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff C., Auto Claim
Great job, great follow-up. The best experience yet with an insurance company. Thank you for all your help.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael S., Auto Claim
Tracy was excellent to work with. She is efficient, quick to follow through on everything, patient, sweet and extremely thorough.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H., Property Claim
As usual, Wilk Insurance Group handled my claim expeditiously and thoroughly. We are very happy with their performance!

Ms. Teri J., Hail Claim
I appreciate all the help to get my house fixed & my claim settled. I knew you had the best personal lines service representative I’ve known. Now I know you have a great claim service rep too.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul R., Property Claim
It never occurred to me that any insurance company would be this responsive. Thank you.

RE: Water Damage Claim
Voicemail Message from J. W.:
I called the office this morning because after I left for work we had all kinds of water in the basement and the bottom line is that the sump pump stopped working. Quick answer/solution, I called my builder and he is coming out to put a new one in this afternoon. It’s a total swamp down there.

The reason for my message is that I called your office to discuss the insurance situation with you. A lady named Tracy answered the phone. I asked if Danny was there, she said he’s not, he’s out of town, can I help you. I asked for Jeff and she said Jeff is not in. Due to the recent rain, she asked me do you have water? She initiated the conversation and I said yes. She went through a list of things; unplug this, do that, be careful of this. She said she would call a restoration company while I was in the car on the way home. She did and I called her when I got there and said it’s the sump. She said she would call a plumber, Tom, which she did. I scheduled a meeting with Tom for tomorrow morning to put in a new/secondary pump. No need today, the builder is coming out. Tom said any referral from Danny he takes care of immediately because you’ve been such a great friend to him.

I called Tracy back, who followed up again with me. I wish I could be more objective and you weren’t such a good friend so this could be more sincere, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had a better experience or better service with any sort of service organization other than what I just experienced with Tracy and Wilk Insurance. I have since spoken with your brother as well, who was willing to do anything I needed and I’m sure you’ve had a thousand phone calls.
You run a really impressive place and you, as a broker, are incredibly impressive and hopefully you pass this along to Tracy.

Mr. Thomas F., Claim, Auto Claim
Tracy was one step ahead of me during the entire claim process.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike W., Auto Claim
In our time of need our claim was processed very quick and efficient.

Ms. Ann G., Auto Claim
I have always been completely satisfied and hope to do business always with your company.

Ms. Beverly B., Theft Claim
I think your staff, which I have dealt with, are very professional and pleasant.

Mr. & Mrs. Steve M., Property Claim
Thank you for the great attention and service. We really appreciate the attention to detail and the user friendly nature.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter O., Property Claim
Extremely impressed with the professionalism and service orientation of all involved with the recent filing of our claims.

Ms. Pamela B., Auto Claim
I’m very satisfied with your company. Dawn is truly an asset. Her professional skills are greatly appreciated.

Mr. & Mrs. Alan H, Home Claim
You guys did an absolutely wonderful job with our major problems with our house!!! Alan and I couldn’t be happier with all of your help during that very stressful time – Thanx!

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell S., Property Claim
Wilk Insurance Group provided service and concern “just like family”! We will highly recommend the Wilk Group whenever possible.

Mr. Larry C., Property Claim
Everyone was great.  We really appreciate your professionalism.

Mr. John S., Auto Claim
The process worked extremely well. Your response time was very quick, which we appreciated.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert U., Theft Claim
Wilk Insurance did an outstanding job for us. We have made a couple of claims recently and each one was handled with the utmost professionalism and service. We have absolutely no complaints!