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Are You A Financial Planner?

Financial planners create a financial plan to meet a client’s specific needs. While the financial planner helps to build the client’s assets, Wilk Insurance Group helps protect those assets in the unlikely event the client gets sued.

calculator-385506_1280Wilk Insurance Group’s goal is to assist the financial planner by providing “back office” support. To reach this goal, Wilk Insurance Group provides the financial planner with a very brief questionnaire, seeking mostly yes/no answers.

Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, Wilk Insurance Group will provide the financial planner a report summarizing the client’s property/casualty exposures and including insurance recommendations. Wilk Insurance Group’s name will not appear anywhere on the report.

Teaming with Wilk Insurance Group benefits the financial planner’s clients by offering better services then those currently offered by the mass market insurers. However, the financial planner incurs absolutely no risk of solicitation by Wilk Insurance Group.

To learn more about how Wilk Insurance Group works with financial planners, please contact Danny Wilk.